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Miniatures Motor bikes

  1. Guzzi
  2. The Old Ones
  3. Links

1 Guzzi:


Plastic is fantastic

In the background the 1:10, the Le Mans II is a Spanish Guiloy

and the 1100 Calif a Chinese Maisto ,

Then a 1:15 V7 special and a 1:24 V7 Sport,

all Seventies Italian Polistil.

the Centauro is a Maisto and the small V7 an Italian Giodi.

Lemon 2:

2 Guiloy 1/10 and 1/15

and the 1/30 Guisval.


Out of Lead

Joe (from the french comic "Joe bar team" )

left his bar

to revive the rods of

its good old V7 Special.


(a numbered series limited to 1500 specimens)


2 The Old Ones:


Cast iron

They come from USA and were made in the forties years,

The big Harley is a Wilkins

 and the three wheels are Hubley.


They were enlisted in tin soldiers armies and I am proud to participate to their desertion...


Zamac (alloy based on aluminium)

They are French popular toys of 1950-60 years

with marks like Quiralu, Aludo, SFA...


And Also

A printed sheet motor bike Italian SFC ,

English Lesney and Britains Triumph,

Lucien and Tintin are numbered Pixi.



3 Links:

One of the rare sites  about miniatures motor bike: http://www.motomini.com/

A french site about modern miniatures : http://motomini.free.fr/

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