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George Monneret lived in the house close to my mother one, when she was child. She was bathed in the backfires and she did not know anything about it, but this trick it is worse than Prion of the BSE, it's goes through genes, jumping a generation!

Motor bike always fascinated me. When I was 6, I did not want to make any move until a motorcyclist approached his Bsa A50, Norton Dominator or Bmw 2 series which constituted the rider landscape then. I wanted waiting to watch the kick starter ceremonial ...
At 12, I recognized, just with the noise, all the motor bikes which furrowed the small north of France borough where I lived.

After the obliged passage to 50cc at 14, I reached finally the 125 in 1976 in spite of the general parental disapproval...

A first motor bike, it is one strong moment, and today still have a pinching in the heart impresses of nostalgia when I saw a 125 MZ TS.

Ok, it does not looks a jewel of the industrial design, but I must say that I ride in 125 and then in 250, 60.000 km of stroll and bike meetings on the Europe roads behind their handlebars.

I was a keen unconditional of these economic, simple, robust machines associated with rare road qualities for a such small-engined Bike.

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Since, motor bike passion never left me, I always had, at least, a motor bike, even if I confess 2 japanesery to taste off-roads (250 xls and 600 XT), thereafter having finally the money, I could demystify the American dream.

Dreamer, I am it undoubtedly, and loving motor bike in all his forms, I preserved my child heart by constituting a small old miniatures collection .


What makes me more vibrate my heart, are the Classic bikes with strong temper, even bad temper...
No ! just a joke !

Then, on witch Bike riding today?

J'ai mis une vieille photo du temps où j'avais encore des cheveux !

Japanese? effective, but what do you feel ? behind their handlebar I die of boring: The sex appeal of such bikes is as that felt by the more than 50 years old housewife during the use of her vacuum cleaner...

BMW? they are too severe, too Germanic, may be when I'dl be really very old...

Triumph? beautiful rebirth, but acknowledge that they have attached eyes more and more...

Harley? I tested, but that rubs and it's necessary to change everything to find the power...

Ducati ? exciting, fascinating, but too expensive maintenance…

Voxan ? The French Bike, The Café-Racer is pleasure for eyes but the engine needs 6000 rpm to cum and you have to take off a part of the frame just for changing the sparkling plugs...


But, luckily, there is a possibility left. An Italian machine as accurate than capricious, a generous V-twin which intact go through the time, to offer vibrations rising in the depths of the spine, fulling the breast on each turn of the throttle grip in a rock'n roll whirring, for the biggest happiness of the guy riding this alive mustang, projecting them from turning to turning in a refined perfect harmony ballet, revealer a great complicity, moving this sympathetic crew in a beatitude state, state you can reach as often as you want, while it's needs a complete life to a Tibetain Llama to bring near it...


Well, let us admit that I fire up a little bit, but, nevertheless, a pushrod engine, easy access, air cooling, 2 valves per cylinder to privilege power in the mid range, a frame which holds the roads, brakes which slow down safe, it's the motor bike in a rough state. The oldest still in activity European motor bike Company, created in 1921 (Bmw is an older one, but manufactures motor bikes only since 1923) , the timeless motor bikes: Motor bike-Guzzi .

Explore the fascinating world of Moto-Guzzi, temper machines (Who said out of temper ?

 So, you have the bike but where riding then ? Let see the track calling !

(Accueil) (MZ) (MOTO-GUZZI) (SZR) (Miniatures) (Me joindre)

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